Pesticides are Dangerous

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Pesticides are Dangerous

Pesticides and chemicals used at work can be harmful to your health. Your employer must let you know if s/he has used pesticides or other chemicals recently in the fields where you are working, or near the camps where you live. The law requires that you use special safety clothing and equipment when working with certain chemicals. It requires a waiting period before going into a field that has been sprayed with certain pesticides. All pesticides can make you sick, not just the ones that have a waiting period. Pesticides and other chemicals are especially dangerous to pregnant women; they can cause a baby to have birth defects or other health problems.

After working with plants or in a field sprayed by pesticides or chemicals, wash off your body and put on clean clothes. Work clothes should be washed daily, separated from non-work clothes. There have been cases of children getting sick from pesticides when their clothes were washed with their parents' contaminated work clothes. It is very important to throw away anything contaminated with pesticides that may have stuck to your work clothes.

If you are exposed to pesticides, get medical help right away and tell the doctor or nurse that you were exposed to pesticides. Since the treatment you need depends on the type of chemical used, try to take information about the pesticide or field location with you to the doctor, along with an exposed plant or piece of clothing. While you are getting medical attention, report the exposure to the Oregon Poison Center (1-800-222-1222). If you are exposed to pesticides on the job, your treatment is covered by worker's compensation insurance.


Last Review and Update: Jul 05, 2011
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