Emergency Medical Care for Non-Citizens (CAWEM)

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Authored By: Oregon Law Center


If you are a low-income Oregon resident, but you are not a US citizen, you may still be eligible for the regular medical care programs offered by the government. It depends on your immigration status. But if your aren't eligible for those programs due to your immigration status, there is a program (CAWEM) that will cover medical emergencies (life threatening) and, for pregnant women, heath are coverage during the pregnancy, and labor and delivery - birth of a child. You should not wait for an emergency. You may apply for CAWEM at any time.

Once you are considered eligible you will get a medical identification card and a letter explaining your benefits. It will say that your coverage is limited to emergency care, and, if you are a pregnant woman, health care while you are pregnant, including labor and delivery. You will need to reapply every year to keep the eligibility. You do not need a social security number and you do not have to apply for one.

CAWEM will cover most medical care for pregnant women in addition to covering the birth of the child. If you are a CAWEM mother, and your baby is born while you are on CAWEM, your baby will get Oregon Health Plan benefits for one year. Then you will need to apply to keep getting medical benefits for your child.

Call 1-800-359-9517 to apply.



Last Review and Update: May 12, 2017
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