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Direct Deposit of Employee Wages

Information about payment of wages, including direct deposit of wages and issuing "debit cards."

Federal Wage Laws

Information about the Fair Labor Standards Act, a federal law that includes rules about federal minimum wage and overtime pay. and child labor.

Holiday and Vacation Pay

Information about payment for working on holidays and for unused vacation when your job ends.

Minimum Wage and Overtime in Agriculture

In some cases employers of agriculture workers may be exempt from paying minimum wage. This resource explains the Oregon requirements and definitions.

Minimum Wage in Oregon

The minimum wage that you must be paid in Oregon, and how it will increase until the year 2023.

Rest Periods & Meal Breaks

Information about paid and unpaid breaks at work.

Summary of Child Labor Laws

A summary of the child labor laws applicable to non-agricultural employment in Oregon.

Your Rights Under Wage and Hour Laws

Information about laws concerning wages and work hours.

Final Paychecks & Business Closures

Funds available to help employees when a business closes and the employer is unable to pay its employees.

Filing a Wage Claim with BOLI

Information about how to file a wage claim with the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries.

Wage Garnishments

Information about what your employer must do if your wages are garnished.

Employing Minors

Information about the laws that protect workers who are under 18 years old.

Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI)

Website of the State of Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries. Contains information for the worker.

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