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Oregon Employment Department - Employment Programs for Job Seekers

The Employment Department has useful information about job search resources, job fairs, and apprenticeships. This website also has a link to the iMatchSkills job-matching tool.

Oregon Worksource Centers

Location of all Employment Department offices in Oregon - for help finding a job.

Representing Yourself in Administrative Hearings

How to represent yourself in Oregon administrative hearings, including unemployment compensation hearings.

Hearing Subpoena Forms

When you want a witness to testify at your agency hearing with an administrative law judge from the Office of Administrative Hearings, you can use this form to ask the judge to issue a subpoena to order your witness to testify at the hearing. There is also a subpoena form that you can use to ask an administrative law judge to order someone to provide documents that you need for a hearing.

Wildfire and Disaster Resources

Resources for those affected by wildfires and other natural disasters in Oregon.

Oregon Unemployment Insurance

Information about eligibility for Oregon Unemployment Insurance, including a video about how to apply for UI benefits.

Think You Can't Get Unemployment Benefits in Oregon? Now You Can!

There is a new unemployment program for Oregonians who are working less or not at all because of COVID-19.

What You Should Know About Unemployment Insurance When Filing Your Oregon Claim

Information to assist you in filing for unemployment insurance (UI).

Unemployment Insurance Compensation

Information about unemployment benefits in Oregon.

Online Claim System for Unemployment Benefits

Online tools and general information about filing for unemployment benefits online.

Unemployment Insurance Contact Centers

Regional offices to contact for unemployment insurance information.

Unemployment Insurance Informational Videos

Informational Videos on filing a claim, hearings, working while claiming benefits, and other unemployment-related topics.

Unemployment Benefits Hearings Process

Information about Unemployment Benefits hearings in Oregon.

How to Ask for a Postponement of Your Unemployment Hearing

The Oregon Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) may postpone your hearing if you have contacted the Oregon Public Benefits Hotline, Legal Aid or the Oregon Law Center to help you find an attorney for your unemployment hearing. Find out more here.

Unemployment Insurance - Rights of Review

Link to information from the Oregon Employment Department on how to request a review if you missed your unemployment insurance hearing and want to have the original decision reviewed.

Employment Appeals Board

Information about the process for appealing an Oregon Employment Department hearing decision, including a link to the Application for Review form.

Unemployment Overpayments and Waivers

Self-help information about responding to Oregon unemployment overpayments and requesting overpayment waivers.

Have your PUA benefits stopped because you didn’t provide “proof of employment,” or because OED rejected your “proof of employment”?

Have your PUA benefits stopped because you didn’t provide “proof of employment,” or because OED rejected your “proof of employment”? You have until September 4, 2021 to submit adequate POE. Around June 22, you should receive an email telling you about this new due date and what to do. If you do NOT submit proof of employment by September 4, 2021, you’ll owe an overpayment for the benefits you were paid after December 27, 2020. An overpayment means you will have to pay back the benefits you received. OED’s online POE tool can help you figure out what you can use for proof of employment. See below for more information about this issue and OLC’s lawsuit about it.

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