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Know the Facts about "Public Charge"

As of March 9, 2021, Trump’s discriminatory, expanded Public Charge rule is permanently BLOCKED, and is no longer in effect anywhere in the United States. Now, immigrants can safely get public benefits that support their health, nutrition, and housing without fear of impact on their immigration status.

What you need to know about E-Verify

E-Verify is an Internet-based program run by the U.S. Government. Employers use E-Verify to check if employees can legally work. If your employer uses E-verify, you have certain rights.

Immigration Questions? Talk to a Professional

Many people in this country have questions about immigration. Before you fill out immigration forms, talk to a licensed immigration attorney or other licensed immigration counselor. Read more here.

Can You Help a Family Member Immigrate?

Certain relatives can immigrate through a family member. Read more here.

Do you Need to Renew Your Green Card?

You will not be deported because you have an expired green card, but you may have problems using your expired card to apply for a job, get public benefits, or travel outside this country. Read more here.

If You are Stopped by the Police or Immigration

If you are stopped by the police or immigration service, you have certain rights whether or not you have done something wrong. Find out more here.

Public Charge and the COVID-19 Emergency

Information about Public Charge and COVID-19.

Federal Law Requires Many Services in Spanish

Federal civil rights law requires many government agencies to provide services in Spanish and other languages to people who speak little English. Read more here.

Getting Unemployment Benefits While You are Looking for Work

If you are out of work, you might qualify for unemployment benefits from the Oregon Employment Department. Read more here.

Immigrants, Taxes, and the Affordable Care Act

This FAQ explores tax-related Affordable Care Act (ACA) issues that are of particular concern to immigrants and their families.

Is Your Social Security Record Complete?

Information about your reported work history and qualifying for Social Security Retirement benefits. Read more here.

Non-Profits that Can Help with Immigration

A list of non-profits that can help with immigration issues.

Migrant Head Start

OCDC's Migrant Head Start program offers high quality comprehensive early childhood development programs. The Coalition also provides health and social support services for children from birth to school-entry age.

Notary Publics are NOT Lawyers

A notary public in the United States is not trained in the law or a graduate of a law school, and is not a lawyer. Read more here.

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